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Alicia Mae Holloway was a contestant on the 25th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 1.

Personal life[]

She is in a relationship with Juan Matallana.


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Alicia is a hard-working and incredibly driven woman. When she was only 13, she began pursuing her career as a professional ballerina. Through years of dedication and commitment to her craft, she is now proudly living her dream, dancing for the prestigious Dance Theater of Harlem. While it took a ton of hard work to get where she is, Alicia wouldn’t change a thing. After years of being unlucky in love, Alicia is ready to find a man who will absolutely desire her. Her ultimate date consists of a day on the boat drinking champagne and eating from a thoughtfully curated charcuterie board followed by shopping and a romantic dinner at one of New York’s best rooftop bars. She describes herself as very confident but not sappy. She’s not looking for anyone who relies on cheesy pickup lines and would prefer a man who gets straight to the point. For Alicia, it’s all about finding a handsome, intelligent and respectful man who is not afraid to put in the hard work to make their love go the distance.

  • Once performed on stage with Aretha Franklin.
  • Ultimate date: on a boat drinking champagne and eating charcuterie.
  • Loves hot chocolate and all vegetables (except tomatoes).