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Andrew Michael Milcovich was a contestant on the 17th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 4.


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Andrew M. is a deputy district attorney who loves his job, but his identity goes far beyond what he does from 8-5. When he’s not in the court room, you can find Andrew M. coaching youth water polo or building bonfires on the beach. Now, he just needs someone to snuggle up with by that fire. Andrew M. is looking for a woman who is open-minded and adaptable, exudes positive energy but also has a fun side and a great sense of humor because – fun fact – Andrew M. LOVES to play pranks. Andrew M.’s life is all about adventure and he is here because what greater adventure is there than the search for true love?

  • Andrew M. played one year of professional water polo in Hungary's First Division - the most competitive league in the world.
  • Andrew M. loves to sample men's fragrances from magazine inserts.
  • Andrew M. enjoys woodworking.
  • When Andrew M. graduated from college, he "Tebowed" on the stage.