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The 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered on August 16, 2021 on ABC.

Chris Harrison did not reprise his role from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as host of the show, instead the show featured a rotating roster of guest hosts, the first of whom was announced to be comedian David Spade.


Casting and contestants[]

Joe Park was announced as the first contestant on March 17, 2021. He did not appear in the first round of cast announcements on social media.

The full cast was announced on July 8, 2021. The day before an official poster as well as a teaser was posted to the show's social media.


Elimination Chart[]

Place Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6
1-6 Kenny In In Date Date In Engaged/Stay
Mari In In In Date In Engaged/Stay
Maurissa In Date In In In Engaged/Stay
Riley Wait Date In In In Engaged/Stay
Joe In Date In In In Engaged/Stay
Serena P. In Date In In In Engaged/Stay
7-14 Aaron In Last Date In In Split
Tia Wait Date Date In Split
Anna Wait Date Split
James In In In Last Date Split
Ed Wait Date Date Split
Mykenna Wait Last Split
Becca Wait In Date In In Split/Stay
Thomas Wait Date Date In In Split/Stay
15-16 Chelsea Wait Last Date Out
Natasha In In In Date Out
17-18 Abigail Date In In In Split/Stay
Noah Date In In In Split/Stay
19-21 Blake Wait Out
Demar Wait Out
Joe Park Wait Out
22 Ivan Date In In Quit
23 Kendall Wait In Quit
24-27 Deandra In In Out
Demi Last In Out
Jessenia Date In Out
Tammy In In Out
28-29 Brendan Date In Quit
Pieper Wait Quit
30 Alana Wait Quit
31 Chris Wait Date Quit
32 Alayah Wait Out
33-35 Chasen Wait Out
Connor In Out
Karl In Out
36 Tahzjuan In Quit
37 Tré In Quit
38-40 Kelsey Out
Serena C. Out
Victoria L. Out
41 Victoria P. Quit
The contestant is male.
The contestant is female.
The contestant went on a date and gave out a rose at the rose ceremony.
The contestant went on a date and got a rose at the rose ceremony.
The contestant gave or received a rose at the rose ceremony, thus remaining in the competition.
The contestant received the last rose.
The contestant went on a date and received the last rose.
The contestant went on a date and was eliminated.
The contestant was eliminated.
The contestant went on a date and was eliminated by production due to aggressive behavior.
The contestant had a date and voluntarily left the show.
The contestant gave out a rose and then voluntarily left the show.
The contestant voluntarily left the show.
The couple broke up and were eliminated.
The couple had a date, then broke up and were eliminated.
The couple decided to stay together and won the competition.
The contestant had to wait before appearing in paradise.
The contestant split before the fantasty suite and started dating again after the show ended.


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1: Season Premiere" August 16, 2021
It’s time to return to Bachelor Nation’s favorite beach as a new batch of sexy singles make their way to paradise in hopes for a second – or third – chance at love. With the resort officially open, former fan-favorite bachelors and bachelorettes are ready to find their match while living together in a tropical oasis in Mexico. Twenty-three hopefuls kick off their journeys on day one, but will additional arrivals get in the way of their search for love?
2 "Week 2: Part 1" August 23, 2021
Knock, knock, Demi’s here! With a rose ceremony on the horizon and the men poised to hand out their stems, the ladies are feeling the pressure to find a potential match. Guest host David Spade continues to bring the funny, but even he can’t quell the tension when the one and only Demi Burnett arrives, setting her sights on one of the beach’s most popular men. Later, more couples are given their first dates, where important conversations lead to strengthened connections. Then, with a cocktail party looming, the competition heats up and a shocking rumor forces one beachgoer to face the others – and the truth.
3 "Week 2: Part 2" August 24, 2021
With the shocking first rose ceremony in the past, it’s time for some fresh faces to walk down the sunny Paradise steps. Who will be the first to join our sexy singles on the beach? It’s going to be … our new guest host, Lance Bass! The excitement continues as more men arrive looking to get lucky in love, but the excitement quickly fades when the newcomers throw everything into disarray, reigniting old feuds and breaking apart new bonds. Chemistry may bring these couples together, but it may also cause them to combust.
4 "Week 3: Part 1" August 30, 2021
When it comes to “Paradise,” the more, the merrier as they say. Two new men arrive, promptly choosing a pair of lucky ladies to take on a hot and heavy double date and one coupled-up cutie contemplates if she’s ready to stop exploring other options. Meanwhile, things fall apart as one hopeless romantic learns the object of his affection visited the Boom Boom Room with someone else and guest host Lance Bass gives his best advice to a woman who’s dying for her man to make a move. With a rose ceremony on the horizon, romantic tension is building on the beach, but the biggest conflict of the night is about much more than a rose – just ask Aaron and Thomas.
5 "Week 3: Part 2" August 31, 2021
Watch out Paradise, there’s a storm brewing. As the women prepare to hand out their roses, nerves are getting the better of the men. But just when the future seems written, guest host Lance Bass has one more surprise up his sleeve, and it’s a big one. For the first time, a Bachelorette has made her way to Mexico and Becca Kufrin – rose in hand – is bringing the heat to the beach. Is that all? Not a chance. More familiar faces will make their entrances and the remaining couples will be put to the test, none more than Joe and Serena who will face their biggest challenge yet … and her name is Kendall.
6 "Week 3: Part 3" September 6, 2021
It’s all eyes on Joe this week as everyone’s emotional support man comes face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart. But while Joe and Kendall reconnect, Serena P. isn’t the only one left to reconsider their future on the beach. Meanwhile, Natasha and Brendan have finally started to move in the right direction, but just as Natasha is starting to feel the spark heat up, another familiar face makes her appearance. That’s right, Pieper has arrived to clear the air about her rumored romance with Brendan … or maybe she’s here to confirm it.
7 "Week 4: Part 1" September 7, 2021
New celebrity guest host Tituss Burgess storms the beach, ready to shake things up in VIP fashion by throwing an exclusive welcome party that stirs up more drama than Wells does drinks. A select few beachgoers make their way to the bash ready for fun, but little do they know that some unexpected guests are also on their way, including actress, singer and star of Freeform’s “Cruel Summer,” Olivia Holt, who hits all the right notes in a special musical performance of her song “Next.” Hangovers will be the least of these party people’s concerns in the morning.
8 "Week 4: Part 2" September 14, 2021
Heading into the long-awaited cocktail party, five women prepare to be sent home, but first, they’ll have to make it through one of the craziest nights in Paradise history. Starting off with a bang, the beach’s most controversial couple faces a reckoning they can’t come back from. Then, one couple pays a visit to the Boom Boom Room, another endures a birthday breakup of epic proportions, and one unlucky lady gets a second chance at love, all before the rose ceremony even begins. When the roses are finally handed out, there’s one more surprise in store…WHAT?! Lil Jon has arrived as the next guest host and he’s not playing around, OKAY? In fact, he brought a whole new batch of guys with him who will make their entrances soon. Later, as a new day begins, it feels like a fresh start in Paradise. But is there more hope or heartbreak on the horizon for these beachgoers? Only time will tell.
9 "Week 4: Part 3" September 21, 2021
There’s more than one storm brewing this week in Paradise. Picking up right where we left off, a devastated Kendall shares a tearful confession with her former beau, but a coupled-up Joe just can’t tell her what she wants to hear. Then, guest host Lil Jon attempts to turn up the heat, bringing in two new guys who are ready to make up for lost time. Meanwhile, some couples are taking it to the next level while others hit stumbling blocks, but things only get more complicated as clouds roll in and Paradise is forced to take a break from the beach. When the clouds part, even if there isn’t a lot of damage from the storm, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a mess to clean up.
10 "Week 5" September 28, 2021
Time is running out in paradise, but before these beachgoers can look toward the future, they’ll have to deal with the present. Ahead of the rose ceremony, tension between Aaron and Ivan escalates, but it’s not long before a shocking discovery has everyone switching sides. After the roses have been handed out, the final guest host emerges. Newcomers hit the beach, and one couple learns how to open up. Later, those still on the beach will dance the night away at a totally rad ‘80s-themed prom where, just like in high school, there will be plenty of laughter and tears, a shocking breakup and enough drama to fill three hours.
11 "Week 6: Season Finale" October 5, 2021
Paradise is coming to a close and after last week’s shocking breakup of the couple “Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After,” the remaining beachgoers have some serious thinking to do about their futures. But first, they’ll need to make it through the season’s final rose ceremony. Once all the roses have been handed out, Paradise’s own alumni couple Caelynn and Dean arrive to share their love story and to let the remaining pairs know that time is running out. Who will choose to spend the night in a fantasy suite? Who will leave Paradise heartbroken? Who will get down on one knee? All these questions and more will be answered on the special three-hour season finale.

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