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Bailey Margaret Brown was a contestant on the 27th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 3.

Personal life[]

She announced her engagement on June 22, 2024.


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Bailey is the perfect combination of loving and loyal. She is truly ready to settle down and meet her dream man! Bailey isn’t on dating apps because she says she’s not looking to date around; she is ready to find the one and thinks “The Bachelor” is the perfect place to do just that. Bailey is passionate about health and wellness and hopes to one day own her own business in the wellness world. She loves traveling and going on an adventure and hopes Zach is also looking for an adventure buddy. Bailey is extremely down to earth, gets along with everyone, and hopes her future husband will bring a similar energy to their relationship. We can’t wait to see if Bailey and Zach hit it off!

  • Bailey would love to be a professional skydiver.
  • Bailey likes her margaritas spicy!
  • Bailey named her dog Charlie after Charlie Brown.