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Briana "Bri" Springs was a contestant on the 25th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 9.

Personal life[]

She is in a relationship with Kobby Adu-Diawuo.


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Bri is really something special. She was raised by her mother and grandmother who made countless sacrifices to give her a fighting shot at having a successful life. For this reason, Bri has always outworked everyone around her because she learned early on that everything in life was earned not promised. Bri now works for a high-profile social media company and is very proud of her achievements, as she should be. With her professional life intact, she is ready to focus on her personal life and find the man of her dreams. Bri describes herself as very laid-back and someone who is not embarrassed easily. She says that she is always the alpha in the relationship but would love to find someone who can challenge her and keep life interesting and exciting. It’s very rare that she spends a weekend indoors and not outside hiking or hanging at the park and nearby beaches. One day, Bri hopes to have two or three kids of her own.

  • Is always the "alpha" in a relationship, but would love to find someone to challenge her.
  • Brunching is one of her favorite activities.
  • Spends weekends outside hiking, at the park or at the beach.