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Caleb Balgaard was a contestant on the 20th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 4.

Personal Life[]

He is in a relationship with Karyn Best.


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Caleb B. might be a villain in the wrestling ring, but he couldn't be more of a softie in real life! The professional wrestler may seem tough, but he's a romantic guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Caleb B. is extremely close with his family and is hoping to settle down and start a family of his own very soon. Caleb B. is the kind of guy who loves going above and beyond to make his partner feel special and one time even hand-carved a heart necklace out of seashells for his someone. Will Caleb B. get the fairy-tale ending that he's been hoping for with Charity? Only time will tell.

  • Caleb B. can't control himself around doughnuts.
  • Caleb B. wants to get his paragliding certification.
  • Caleb B. makes a cowboy hat look good.