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Christopher "Chris" Spell was a contestant on the 20th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 1.

Personal life[]

He holds the Guinness World Record for the Highest Standing Jump and Highest Standing Backflip.


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Chris is a man who lets his passions lead him. This former smalltown football star is looking for the perfect leading lady to match his big ambitions. He'll do anything to be the best, and that's proven by his two Guinness World Records: one for highest standing box jump and the other for highest standing backflip. Chris describes himself as a confident, committed and passionate man who is looking for his ride or die. If he could be a superhero, he would be The Flash so he could travel the world extremely quickly – alongside his future wife! Will he break any records with Charity?

  • Chris' favorite sport is dunking.
  • Chris likes to go apple picking in the autumn.
  • Chris loves to drink wine and binge-watch "Grey's Anatomy."