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Dean Michael Bell (né Unglert) was a contestant on the 13th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 8.

He later appeared on the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He split from Danielle Lombard in week 5.

He returned again for The Bachelor Winter Games. He was eliminated in week 4.

He returned again for the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He quit in week 3. He returned in week 5 to win Caelynn Miller-Keyes back.

Personal life[]

He and Gabby Windey were in a serious relationship during college.

Dean gained attention after appearing on the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise, where he attempted to juggle two relationships, with Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard, at the same time. Dean didn't end up with either of the women.

He met Lesley Murphy when he appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games. They continued their relationship after the show, but did not get engaged. Dean, however, gave Lesley a key to his house. They broke up in early April 2018.

Dean met Caelynn Miller-Keyes on the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise where they were a sure thing for weeks before Dean broke things off because he wasn't ready for a relationship. He returned for Caelynn, asking her to leave Paradise and continue their relationship in "the real world".

On June 20, 2020, they celebrated their one year anniversary. They got engaged on October 24, 2022, and married on September 23, 2023. They both changed their last names to Bell in honor of his late mother.


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Mom's initials on chest, artwork on back, friend's initials on back, "Righteous" on inner lip, Latin on hip, Triforce on inner arm.

If you were stranded on a dessert island, what would it be made of?
Hot Cheetos and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why?
My mom. It's been over 10 years since she passed. Lunch would be amazing.

If you could go anywhere in the U.S., where would you go and why?
Hawaii, I've never been. Also, my mother wanted her ashes scattered there.

What is your favorite memory from childhood?
When I was very young, my family lived in a mobile home. I remember sitting on top with my brothers watching a demolition derby and eating Oreos.

Describe your idea of the ultimate date.
Anywhere that's fun where we can laugh.

Do you prefer a woman who wants to be pursued or a woman who pursues you and why?
A woman who demands to be pursued. Nothing good comes easy.

I love it when my date...?
is able to keep me laughing all night.