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Demar Jackson was a contestant on the 16th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 6.

He returned for the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He was eliminated in week 4.

Personal life[]

He began dating Christina Mila in January 2022.


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At 26 years old, Demar is ready to find his wife and is diligently on the hunt. He likes meeting new people, exploring local restaurants and sipping on fresh cocktails at the local bars. The one non-negotiable in Demar’s life is his passion for spin. He is a very popular spin instructor in Scottsdale and says he can get on that bike and spin to any beat thrown his way. Demar works hard and wants a woman who will appreciate his appetite for success. Born an only child to two loving parents, Demar is very close to both of his parents and hopes to find a woman who will join him and his mom on their Starbucks coffee dates and then get in on the action when he shoots hoops with his dad. His infectious energy will captivate any room he is in, and he’s hoping that works to his advantage when he arrives. Will Clare gravitate to him off the bat or will she send him home spinning?