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Ency Abedin was a contestant on the 26th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 2.

She returned for the 8th season of Bachelor in Paradise. She quit in week 5.


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Ency doesn’t discriminate when it comes to love languages – she speaks them all fluently! A true romantic at heart, Ency is ready to take a break from focusing on her career so she can focus on finding love and putting herself out there. She is looking for a tall man with a nice smile and an equally nice family. He should always be striving to grow both personally and professionally, and want the same of Ency. He should also love the ocean because nothing makes Ency happier than spending a day by the sea, splashing around and enjoying the sun. Hope you brought your speedo Clayton because Ency is ready to make waves!

  • Ency loves Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Ency taught English to North Korean defectors when she studied abroad.
  • Ency would love more opportunities to dress in costume.