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Gabe Baker was a contestant on the 1st season of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

He quit in week 3.


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Gabe, the all-American, Texas-born performer, athlete and community organizer takes the definition of triple threat to the next level.  From football to fiscal calendars, Gabe handles it all while still being an active member of the Christian Ministry. Gabe takes pride in inspiring and motivating others but is still looking for someone who can be his own motivation. He’s looking for his Corinthians: 31 woman, someone he can honor and trust with his heart. He’s hoping he can find that here and to that we say, “Amen!”

  • Fun Facts:
    • Gabe played safety for Division I football at Rice College.
    • The cello is one of Gabe’s favorite instruments to play.
    • Gabe cherishes the act of leaving notes and has custom stationery.