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Gabriella Nicole "Gabi" Elnicki was a contestant on the 27th season of The Bachelor.

She was the runner-up.

Personal life[]

She is in a relationship with Zach Espinosa.


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Gabi is ready to find the one! She comes from a very loving family, and her parents’ marriage has been the blueprint for the kind of love she hopes to find. Gabi wants an honest, outdoorsy man who will always put her first. While it may take a little time for Gabi to come out of her shell, once she does, Zach will learn that she’s adventurous, loyal and driven. Gabi is so ready for marriage that she even has her dream wedding venue picked out in Italy on Lake Como. Hope Zach is ready for a destination wedding!

  • Gabi’s favorite Kardashian is Kris.
  • Gabi loves to tailgate.
  • Gabi hopes to own her own Pilates studio one day.


  • During Week 5, Gabi is the only contestant to have an actual date, that the rest of the week got cancelled after Zach tested positive from COVID-19.