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Hunter Montgomery was a contestant on the 17th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 5.

Personal life[]

He announced his engagement to Daniella Pierce on October 16, 2023.


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Hunter is an expressive, passionate and outgoing person who does not believe in holding back. He is a father of two amazing children who he lives to make happy. Hunter has always been a romantic and says that even as a child, he was known for writing incredible love letters and always being the guy to surprise his crushes with mix tapes or flowers. He is looking for a woman to be his other half – someone who is compassionate, witty, a great communicator and, above all, someone who could love his kids as much as he does. Hunter says that he will never stop believing in romance because “when you hit the mark, there really is no better feeling.” He hopes to find someone to stare off into the stars with for the rest of his life, so let’s see if he and Katie can go the distance.

  • One of Hunter's favorite past times is people-watching.
  • Hunter has never ridden a horse, but he REALLY wants to!
  • Hunter has a pet parakeet named Zazu.