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Jay Smith was a contestant on the 16th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 4.


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Jay is the perfect combination of sweet and tough. He owns and operates his own personal training center, and while Jay loves what he does professionally, he says it’s time to take a break from worrying about others and focus on himself instead. Jay wants a woman he can be 100% himself with and says his perfect date is one filled with random adventures followed by good wine and meaningful conversation. Jay says when he falls in love, he loves unconditionally and that he works every day to make sure she feels it. One thing to note, if you are someone that can’t put down your phone for more than five minutes, you may not be the person for Jay. Nothing annoys him more than being on a date with a woman who is half in the conversation and half scrolling through Instagram. Luckily, it’s a no-phone zone here at “The Bachelorette,” so we can’t wait to see if Jay and Clare hit it off!