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Jenna Kathleen Serrano was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 1.

Personal life[]

She works as a Neuroscience ICU nurse at Loyola University Medical Center as of September 2020.

She is in a relationship with Brian Goode.


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Jenna is a fun, down to earth, Midwestern girl. She's looking for a man to grow old with who can keep life exciting. She wants someone who is kind and nurturing, but also spontaneous and adventurous. After a life-changing trip to Africa for a medical mission, Jenna realized that she needed to start doing activities to make herself happy and not be such a pushover. When she's not working her tail off to get her nursing degree, she loves to go take the Chicago nightlife by storm where she can often be found leading her trivia team to victory and shooting darts. Jenna's biggest fear in this whole process is being sent home before getting a chance to show Peter all that she has to offer, but we don't think she has any reason to be worried.

  • Jenna is a passionate foodie who would do anything to eat pasta with Chrissy Teigen one day.
  • Jenna has a pet goldfish named George, and she says that George gives great advice.
  • When Jenna is not bowling strikes at the local alley, she's at home knitting.