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Jillian Alexis King (née Anderson) was a contestant on the 19th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 4.

She returned for the 2nd season of Bachelor in Paradise. She was eliminated in week 1.

Personal life[]

She got engaged to Mike King on June 13, 2019. They were married on July 29, 2021. They have a son Nixon, born January 18, 2023 (2023-01-18) (age 1), and a daughter Kennedy James, born January 18, 2024 (2024-01-18) (age 0).


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Height: 5'2"

Tattoos: None

Can't live without: My phone, chocolate, my bunny rabbit, Netflix, Mexican food

Biggest date fear: A guy with bad intentions

If I never had to mow the lawn, I would be very happy.

If I never got to eat, I would be very sad.

If you really wanted to impress a man, what would you do? Be myself. If he's not impressed he's not the right one. I like intellectual conversations.

What's the most outrageous thing you have ever done? I let Mike Tyson feel my bicep and I let him dangerously close to my ear...but I still have both.

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be? Iron Man -- because he's Iron Man! I want the suit and to be able to save people and fly around.

What's your most embarrassing moment? Possibly this process...getting asked about my life in front of tons of people. Eek!