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Jomarri Gable is a contestant on the 18th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 1.


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JoMarri says he is a sucker for love! He falls hard and fast, and says that a smile tells you everything you need to know about a person. He is a driven gentle giant, whose dream is to own a gym and have a woman by his side to grow old and with whom to enjoy life. His perfect woman is simple, athletic and goofy. Life is never boring when JoMarri is around and he plans to make the most out of every second he has with Michelle!

  • Fun Facts:
    • JoMarri eats an entire watermelon every morning.
    • The light of JoMarri’s life is his puppy, Buddy.
    • JoMarri would love to be a tour guide in Antarctica.