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Julia Rae was a contestant on the 1st season of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

She was eliminated in week 4.

Personal life[]

She is engaged to Matt Lucido.


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Julia sang before she could talk. Her music career began in the theater at age 6. She started recording original songs professionally by age 15. Julia struggled with cystic fibrosis throughout her life but because of recent breakthroughs in medicine, Julia has fully recovered and has a second chance at life, music and love. Now, she cannot wait to meet her husband! Julia’s looking for a man who will go the distance with her, singing all the way.

  • Fun Facts:
    • For eight years, Julia was a featured singer in the local ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia.
    • She won Miss Teen Philadelphia and Miss Philadelphia.
    • She has a dog named Boo Radley