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Kaili Anderson was a contestant on the 25th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 3.


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Kaili says she doesn’t like to take herself too seriously, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t serious about finding love! Kaili is witty, charismatic, not afraid to laugh at herself, and is hoping to find those same qualities in her future husband. She loves to show affection through spending quality time with her partner, performing acts of service and making sure that her man knows their voice is being heard. When she is in love, she says that there is no one you would rather have in your corner because her loyalty is unwavering. The man of her dreams is introspective, empathetic and can join her on her daily sunset runs on the beach followed by a romantic picnic. She says she’s never dated anyone that her family has truly been excited about and she’s hoping to change that when Matt comes into the picture!

  • She's never dated anyone that her family has been excited about and she's hoping to change that.
  • Dreams of completing an ultra marathon.
  • Has dyed her hair every color.