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Katrina Marie Badowski was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 1.

Personal life[]

She previously dated fellow Bachelor alum Chris Bukowski. Realizing that they have similar sounding last names, Katrina made up the "ship" name "The Owskis".

She is in a relationship with Billie Rodriguez.


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Marriage is a big topic at the family dinner table. Katrina's parents are high school sweethearts that have been together for 40 years. Her younger brother is marrying his high school sweetheart next April, and her younger sister will probably get engaged soon to her serious boyfriend. Katrina's the last one left and, according to her mom, Katrina needs to settle down soon because "her biological clock is ticking." Katrina describes herself as the life of the party and prides herself on her ability to make everyone feel welcomed. Katrina loves to take over the dance floor and hopes to one day be a college dance coach. The most serious relationship Katrina currently has is with her hairless cat, Jasmine. Jasmine (named after her favorite Disney princess, of course) and Katrina literally do everything together, from birthday parties to shopping to watching TV on the couch. They are definitely a packaged duo, but there's room for one more on their magic carpet ride.

  • Last Halloween, Katrina dressed up as her hairless cat, Jasmine, and Jasmine dressed up as her.
  • On the weekends, Katrina loves to stay up late and eat junk food.
  • Katrina's biggest pet peeve is not being in control.