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Kevin McDevitt was a contestant on the 21st season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 1.


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This thrill-seeker is ready to find love. Kevin is an adventurous guy who loves living on the edge by going skydiving, bungee jumping and cliff diving. Now, he’s ready to dive headfirst into romance as he looks for his future wife with the Bachelorette. While Kevin loves adventure, he’s also very ready to settle down and even bought a home in which to plant roots. He hopes to build his family with the woman of his dreams in this space. When Kevin isn’t working at his job in finance, he loves being a huge foodie by trying new restaurants and cooking up delicious meals on the barbecue. Will this be the end of Kevin’s search for love? Fingers crossed!

  • Kevin has been skiing over 200 times.
  • Kevin cannot under any circumstance tolerate bugs.
  • Kevin used to own his own barbecue restaurant.