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Lauren Amanda Jones was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 2.


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Lauren is a boss woman looking to add balance to her life. She works as a marketing executive for a beauty company and also manages her own fashion blog. Now that she feels her career is in a good spot, she seems to have everything in place except for a man, but not just any man will do. She says her father and grandfather have been great examples of what husbands should be to a woman, and Lauren expects nothing less of her partner. Lauren is hoping to find a man who will open the car door for her and will hold her hand on the way to Sunday church. She also wants a man who will support her career ambitions and not hold her back. While competitive dance has been her favorite sport, she's always open to a good game of tonsil hockey. Suit up, Peter!

  • Lauren says she has exit interviews with all of her exes to figure out what went wrong.
  • Lauren has traveled all over the world, but has yet to go the one place on her bucket list: Texas.
  • During Lauren's one season as a Laker Girl, she was so inspired by Kobe's passion for things outside of basketball that she left the team to pursue her other dreams.