Lexi Buchanan was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 5.

Personal life

She is in a relationship with Jon Shugg.


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Lexi is a smart, independent and fun woman who is ready to find the future father of her children. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and is one of six siblings. Lexi went to St. Johns Country Day School and later Florida State University. She left college with a very serious boyfriend, but after moving to New York City, he ended things so they could both pursue their own careers and passions. Lexi stayed in New York City and has since been doing well as a marketing coordinator for a real estate company. She has been on a number of bad and mediocre dates around New York and can't seem to find the right guy. Lexi believes that dating as a redhead is hard, but she's hopeful that Peter will like to spice things up the way only a ginger girl can!

  • Lexi would rather be buried alive then be trapped in a room filled with frogs.
  • Lexi loves her home in Florida, but has too much sass for the suburb life.
  • Nothing turns Lexi off more than people who are desperate.


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