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Sonali Marina Perera was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor.

She quit in week 2 due to a family emergency.


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Marina is the perfect combination of strong, compassionate, and cool. She is a woman of the world and has traveled to over 34 countries. Marina is looking for her travel buddy for life and is hoping our Golden Bachelor is her perfect match. She is a mom to two impressive kids and two adorable fur babies. When the educator isn’t working or spending time with family, she enjoys taking spin class, hiking, cooking, and going for long drives. Marina says she would love to make casseroles for Gerry on their date nights. Marina has high expectations, but she’s truly hopeful that the Golden Bachelor could be the man for her!

  • Marina has not one, not two, but THREE Master’s degrees
  • Marina doesn’t stand in lines.
  • Marina enjoys reading biographies and medical non-fiction.