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Matteo Valles was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 4.

Personal life[]

He announced his engagement to Alli Hasler on May 12, 2023. Their wedding is set for October 12, 2024.


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Matteo grew up all over the world, living in places such as Austria and Kenya before settling in Atlanta with his family. He graduated from Georgia Tech and has a degree in mechanical engineering, which is very helpful now in getting his virtual reality startup off the ground. On the side, Matteo is a sperm donor who has helped create 114 children for all types of families—talk about an ice breaker. Matteo may be the strong and silent type, but we have a feeling he and Hannah will have a lot to talk about.

  • Matteo once competed in a talent show where he chugged a gallon of milk in ten seconds.
  • If he could have any job in the world, he would be a firefighter.
  • The first item on his bucket list is: take someone to a ball in a castle.