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Maurissa Gunn was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 1.

She returned for, and won, the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Personal life[]

She met Riley Christian on the 7th season of Bachelor in Paradise, where they got engaged at the end of the show.

"Riley, my handsome sweetheart, my life has been full of letdowns and broken promises until I met you. You showed me what a real man is. You showed me, literally, everything I've dreamed of my whole life. You showed me that fairytales do exist, even though our fairytale includes whipped cream and toads. I really never believed in love at first sight and you showed me that it truly is possible. I knew I loved you, the first night that I met you. You were adventurous, passionate. I knew that I was going to do whatever I needed to, to make you mine and today I know that I want to make you mine forever. I am in love with you Riley and it is truly the scariest feeling in the world but you make me feel safe, you make me feel protected. You know all of my insecurities and you know that I like to run when things get tough but the more that I run, the more that you stay, and then the more I fall in love with you" - Maurissa to Riley

"Maurissa, I've gone from city to city, from state to state, and now from country to country in search of something very special. The difficult thing, about what I'm searching for is that it's not something that you can always see. It's the feeling, my heart beating fast. It's the feeling, butterflies in my stomach. It's the feeling, goosebumps on my arms, and I know that that feeling, that feeling, is love. See Maurissa, I love you and I've loved you since our very first date. But I just need to be sure... That's it... Will you marry me?" - Riley proposing to Maurissa

The couple announced their break-up on January 24, 2022.


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Maurissa is a bold beauty that is ready to find her husband. In high school, Maurissa competed in the Miss Teen USA pageants and was crowned Miss Teen Montana, but she says it was one of the worst times in her life. She was average size for a teenage girl, but the pageant world made her feel insecure about her weight, which lead her to struggle with body image issues. During this time, Maurissa was in a five-year relationship with her high school sweetheart. He was always someone who encouraged Maurissa to feel beautiful, and she thought she was going to marry him. Unfortunately, the two of them had conflicting ideas for the future, and they broke up when Maurissa realized that he did not want to get married as soon as she did. Soon after the breakup, Maurissa moved to Atlanta and stepped up her fitness routine. As of now, Maurissa has lost 80 pounds and wants to keep going! For the last four years, Maurissa has dated around but hasn't found anyone as serious about marriage as she is. She's looking for a man who is fun spirited, but also ready for a commitment, and if she hits it off with Peter right away, she plans on going hard!

  • Maurissa recently left the United States for the first time and went on a girl's trip to the Caribbean.
  • When Maurissa is feeling confident, she breaks into song.
  • Maurissa prefers to surround herself with people who have a more mature outlook on life. All of her best friends are at least 10 years older than her.