Peter Weber was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 9.

He was announced as the Bachelor for the 24th season of The Bachelor on September 17, 2019.

Personal life

While filming in San Jose, Costa Rica, on October 7, 2019, Peter "split open his face" after tripping while holding two cocktail glasses. He was immediately rushed to a hospital that was two hours away. At the end of the ordeal, he left the hospital with 22 stitches in total.


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Airline pilot Peter Weber caught the attention of Bachelorette Hannah Brown and all of America the first night they met, stepping out of the limo and expressing his desire for a co-pilot in life. While Peter seemed sweet at first glance, it became clear this charming man in uniform could bring the heat. The passion between Hannah and Peter was undeniable. After expressing his love to her and spending a memorable night in a windmill together, all of America was left shocked and heartbroken with Hannah's decision to end the relationship. Returning home from Greece, Peter was forced to confront his pain and pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Now, Peter is back to take his search for true love to new heights on the 24th season of ABC's hit romance reality series The Bachelor, premiering in January 2020.

The Bachelorette
In this pilot's family, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Peter's parents met while his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant. When Peter is not flying the friendly skies, he enjoys snowboarding, watching football and line dancing. Peter's life motto is "you should live this life always expecting something great is about to happen to you." Could meeting Hannah be that next great thing?

  • Peter's grandma's name is Rose.
  • He once took a girl on a sunset flight to Santa Barbara for dinner.
  • Even though he is a man of the world, Peter still lives at home.
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