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Quartney Mixon was a contestant on the 17th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 4.


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When it comes to putting it all out there for love, Quartney is not afraid to make a spectacle. He is a compassionate, caring and honest man who is going to make romantic gestures that make his partner feel special, as well as provide security and consistent love at all times. He is looking for a woman who is outgoing, ambitious and like-minded when it comes to his religious beliefs, which are very important to him. He loves to daydream about having a family and says that the No. 1 thing he is looking for is someone to be an amazing mother to his future children. Quartney’s goal in life is to leave behind a legacy, and he needs a partner who will stand side by side with him and build an empire. Quartney is here to make an impact and is ready to fight for a chance at love, whatever it takes.

  • Even though he's not great at it, Quartney loves to country line dance.
  • Scuba diving is at the top of Quartney's bucket list.
  • Quartney's idea of a perfect nightcap is a robust bonfire with s'mores, music and dancing.