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Sheridan Reed was a contestant on the 1st season of The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

He quit in week 4.


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There is more to a rock star than just long hair and tattoos, especially for Sheridan. Aside from playing guitar and working on his vocals, Sheridan enjoys reading about social sciences and diving into holistic remedies. But when it comes to music, Sheridan doesn’t play around. Sheridan puts the work in to make his dreams come true by living out of his car during self-funded tours across the country. He’s dedicated to love just as much as he’s dedicated to music: All he needs is someone to share the driver’s seat with. He may even let her control the radio!

  • Fun Facts:
    • Sheridan started a band when he was 16 and won a local battle of the bands competition.
    • Sheridan’s car is named Sheila.
    • He only uses microfiber towels on his hair to keep his curls looking lush.