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Starr Skyler was a contestant on the 28th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 3.


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Starr is 100% wife material. The Brazilian American beauty is intelligent, resilient and positive, and she’s ready to meet her match. Starr is passionate about her work as a mental health counselor and feels like her career is what she was put on this Earth to do. When she’s not helping others, Starr loves trying new restaurants, having a picnic on the beach, and going for runs. She’s tired of being the third wheel for all her friends who are getting engaged and married. Starr is looking for a man who is ambitious, family-oriented, funny, and in whom she can truly confide. Will Joey be the one to show Starr that true love is out there? Only time will tell.

  • Star does a great Britney Spears impression.
  • Starr admits that she is always late.
  • Starr likes her margaritas spicy.