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Sydney Alexa Johnson was a contestant on the 25th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 2.


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Sydney is a strong, opinionated woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to vocalize it. If her family could use one word to describe Sydney, it would be “opinionated”… and Sydney wholeheartedly agrees saying her role in life is to give facts over being a shoulder to cry on. Sydney may come off as tough, but just because she’s blunt doesn’t mean she isn’t also a romantic at heart. Though Sydney says she is not your typical southern belle, she says she is a traditional romantic and hopes to find a man who will put effort into wooing her. She has always believed that opposites attract and dreams of finding a man with a mellow demeanor to balance out her outgoing personality. She hates awkward dinner conversation and says a man with big goals for the future is her biggest turn-on. Sydney wants someone who will bring what she does to a relationship—love, loyalty, motivation and support—and says that she’s not looking to settle for any average Joe Schmoe. Nothing bothers Sydney more than people who beat around the bush, so let’s hope Matt is ready to get straight to the point with Sydney!

  • Her family would describe her as opinionated, but she is a romantic at heart.
  • She is creeped out by amusement parks.
  • Don't expect her to share chips and guac because she's allergic to avocados.