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Tandra Danielle Steiner was a contestant on the 19th season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 2.


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Height: 5'11"

Tattoos: None

Can't live without: Music, family, friends, animals, my contact lenses

Biggest date fear: I've never really thought about that before. Maybe peeing my pants from laughing so hard or something.

I love it when my date: Can hold a conversation, is genuine and has taken the time to plan something.

I hate it when my date: Talks only about himself and is arrogant.

Describe the worst first date you've ever been on: No joke, a guy took me to a wedding reception as a first date once. It was so awkward.

What kinds of music do you listen to most often? All kinds. I love blues, rock, pop, oldies, country and jazz! I even listen to some French rock. The song just has to build. I love moments in music -- it needs to have a climax!

What does being married mean to you? It's sacred. You are promising your life and heart to another. It's choosing every day to love one person, commit to them and build a life together.

What is your ideal mate's personality like? He is honest and genuine. He makes me laugh and cares about others. He likes animals.