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Tanner Christian Courtad was a contestant on the 20th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 5.

He returned for the 9th season of Bachelor in Paradise. He split from Jessica Girod in week 5.


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Tanner is 100% husband material. The fitness instructor is extremely close with his family and hopes to find a relationship as special as the one his parents have. While growing up, Tanner and his family rescued over 50 dogs and he hopes to rescue more with his future wife. Charity, hopefully you're ready for some puppy love! Tanner is truly looking for his forever partner and says that he thinks about finding love all the time. He is confident his future wife is out there and is hoping it's Charity!

  • Anywhere with a golden retriever is Tanner's happy place.
  • Tanner's No. 1 enemy is a messy kitchen.
  • Tanner loves giving high-fives!