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Tayshia Rosario Adams was a contestant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor.

She was eliminated in week 9.

She returned for the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise. She split from John Paul Jones in week 6.

She was announced as the new Bachelorette and replacement for Clare Crawley on the 16th season of The Bachelorette on November 5, 2020.

She hosted the 17th and 18th season of The Bachelorette alongside Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Personal life[]

Tayshia and John Paul Jones met on the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise, but broke up near the end of the show. They since reconciled and began dating. Tayshia announced their split on October 30, 2019.

Tayshia and Zac Clark met on her season of The Bachelorette. She fell in love with Zac and accepted his proposal at the end of the season.

"You know, the first conversation we ever had by our fountain, we talked about that everything happens for a reason and when I came here to the desert I didn't know what that reason was, but I do today. I came here because I was supposed to meet you and I came here because I was supposed to fall in love with you. From our first kiss to riding the Ferris wheel to meeting each other's families, nothing has ever felt so right my entire life. You've helped me experience the love that I didn't know existed and you've made me smile more than anyone has ever made me smile. I love you, Tayshia. I love you because you're a fighter. I love you because you're a strong, independent woman, you make everyone around you better. I love you because you believe in me. I love you because you're a total dork and I love you because you drive me absolutely wild. I love everything about you and I listened when you spoke of the importance of loyalty. I promise to be loyal to you." - Zac to Tayshia

"That first night when I got here, I was extremely excited for the possibility of finding love but also very nervous and scared because I didn't know if finding true love was possible. When I first met you I thought to myself, 'He's different', and 'That man is kind, he shows gratitude and has the biggest smile. He has been through a lot but has never given up, but also has learned how to read me better than anyone really has and knows how to comfort me when I'm down'. There was one point in my life where I thought I would never get married because of all of the pain and the heartbreak that I've been through. I hit absolute rock bottom and I know that I told you that I love you but, sorry, it's more than that. It's this wild, wild love that I have tried to come up with so many reasons to not believe, and you have truly just made me believe that there doesn't need to be flaws and that I deserve a love with a man that won't run away. I'm truly looking at my heart and yes, it is real. I feel it too. And I want to make more traditions and jump into fountains all over the world with you. I'm ready to hail a taxi. And I'm ready to start a life with you. But also, I love you, Zac Clark, and I'll do absolutely anything to keep that huge smile on your face, because you do everything to keep a huge smile on mine." - Tayshia to Zac

"The night of my hometown... when we walked in and my parents got to see that smile on my face, you gave them the best gift you could ever give them. They hadn't seen me that happy in years. You did that. That's when I knew, that's when they knew and the other night when we were talking, you spoke about this idea of someone choosing you and I can't picture another day, another moment, without you in my life and if you'll let me, I'm gonna choose you right now, I'm gonna choose you tomorrow morning, I'm gonna choose you next week and next year. I'm going to choose you forever, because I love you. Marry me?" - Zac proposing to Tayshia

They broke up in November 2021.

She is in a relationship with Luke Gulbranson.

Bachelorette biography[]

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Bachelor Nation first welcomed Tayshia on the 23rd season of "The Bachelor," where a sudden turn of events ended her relationship with a tearful and unexpected goodbye. However, she was no stranger to dealing with heartbreak, after having experienced it in her past marriage. So, a hopeful and determined Tayshia returned to find love in a romantic oasis during the sixth season of "Bachelor in Paradise," where the match she made was not her forever love. Now with the support of her family and friends, she is ready to leave behind her past relationships and bring her purest of intentions to give love another chance. With her parents' 32-year marriage as her example, she is ready to find that forever love she has been waiting for – the kind her parents have shown her is possible.

A native of Orange County, California, Tayshia is your not-so-basic girl next door who loves a little adrenaline and never misses church on Sundays. Spending time with her family is one of her favorite ways to enjoy her days, and for this sunshine-loving California girl, family is everything! When she's not co-hosting her new pop-culture podcast, "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation," Tayshia loves to travel and is passionate about exploring all the world has to offer; all she is missing now is a partner with whom to share these experiences. Tayshia can't wait for her next plus-one to be THE one with whom she can spend the rest of her life. So, open up the pools because she's ready to dive in deep and find her life partner as the extraordinary season of "The Bachelorette" continues.

Bachelor biography[]

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This Southern California girl is definitely not the squeamish type - she draws blood for a living! When she's not filling up vials for her patients, she volunteers at her church and goes wine tasting. Unlike her patients, Tayshia hopes Colton feels faint when he sees her!