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The 3rd season of The Bachelor premiered on March 24, 2003. The show featured 28-year-old Andrew Firestone, a sales manager of Firestone Family estates.

He ultimately chose to propose to Jennifer Schefft.


The season started with 25 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Jennifer Schefft 25 Mentor, Ohio Publicist Winner
Kirsten Buschbacher 23 Valrico, Florida E-Commerce Merchant Runner-up
Tina Wisconsin Week 6
Christina Florida Week 5
Anne-Michelle Week 4
Liz Week 4
Amber Week 3
Aubree Week 3
Heather Week 3
Tina Tennessee Week 3
Amy South Carolina Week 2
Christina New Jersey Week 2
Elizabeth Week 2
Rachel Week 2
Shannon Week 2
Amy Week 1
Angela Week 1
Brooke Week 1
Courtney Week 1
Ginny Week 1
Jennifer Week 1
Kerri Week 1
Kristen Week 1
Stephanie Week 1
Tiffany Week 1

Elimination chart[]

# Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Tina (WI) Kirestin Anne-Michelle Kirestin Tina (WI) Kirestin Jen Jen
2 Liz Amber Kirestin Jen Kirestin Tina (WI) Kirestin Kirestin
3 Elizabeth Rachel Jen Anne-Michelle Jen Jen Tina (WI)
4 Stephanie Liz Tina (TN) Liz Christina (FL) Christina (FL)
5 Christina (NJ) Tina (WI) Audree Tina (WI) Anne-Michelle


6 Christina (FL) Christina (NJ) Heather Christina (FL)
7 Ginny Elizabeth Christina (FL) Amber



Tina (TN)

8 Kristen Amy (SC) Tina (WI)
9 Amy Jen Amber
10 Amber Anne-Michelle Liz
11 Audree Audree Amy (SC)

Christina (NJ)




12 Brooke Shannon
13 Kerri Heather
14 Angela Christina (FL)
15 Amy (SC) Tina (TN)
16 Heather Amy










17 Courtney
18 Rachel
19 Tina (TN)
20 Anne-Michelle
21 Kirestin
22 Shannon
23 Jen
24 Jennifer
25 Tiffany


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1: Limo Arrivals" March 24, 2003
A third season of matchmaking begins with tire and vineyard heir Andrew Firestone looking for love among 25 eligible ladies. In the opener, Andrew meets his hopefuls.
2 "Week 2" April 2, 2003
The 25 women meet and make nice with Andrew during a dinner party, which concludes with 10 of the ladies going home without a rose.
3 "Week 3" April 9, 2003
Andrew sends five ladies packing, paring the field from 15 to 10.
4 "Week 4" April 16, 2003
Andrew offers roses to six of the 10 remaining ladies after a round of group dates lets him see some of his potential partners in a different light.
5 "Week 5" April 23, 2003
Another round of group dates for the six remaining ladies leads to the expulsion of two more during Andrew's third Rose Ceremony.
6 "Week 6" April 30, 2003
Andrew whittles down his list of most-wanted women from four to three.
7 "Week 7" May 7, 2003
Andrew takes his final three dates on romantic getaway dates, but can only keep two of them around after the next-to-last rose ceremony.
8 "The Women Tell All" May 14, 2003
The 23 women Andrew turned down dish the dirt on the group dates, the Rose Ceremony squabbles and the million-dollar man of the hour.
9 "Finale" May 21, 2003
In the third-season finale, Andrew takes Jen and Kirsten to Santa Barbara's Firestone vineyard to meet his family before choosing which of them receives his final rose. Also: a trip to an L.A. jewelry store to check out engagement rings.

Where are they now?[]

Andrew and Jennifer Schefft broke up after several months but remained friends.

Andrew Firestone is now married to actress Ivana Bozilovic and they have three children together, son Adam Brooks (b. 2009), daughter Anja Jasmine (b. 2011) and son Shane (b. 2014).

Jennifer Schefft went on to star in the 3rd season of The Bachelorette. She originally rejected both men in the finale. During the first live final rose ceremony, she chose Jerry Ferris, an art gallery director, over John Merritt. Ferris proposed to Schefft, but she rejected his proposal, stating that the chemistry was not there.

Jennifer ultimately married Chicago public relations executive Joe Waterman in May 2009; they have two children, Mae Elizabeth and Charlotte Grace.

The Ring[]