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The 4th season of The Bachelor premiered on September 24, 2003. The show featured 32-year-old Bob Guiney, a creator of a mortgage company.

He was previously rejected by Trista Rehn in the 1st season of The Bachelorette.

He ultimately chose Estella Gardinier, but did not propose.

# Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Jenn Kelly Jo Meredith Mary Kelly Jo
2 Misty Lee-Ann Jenny Kelly Jo Mary
3 Lindsay (CA) Misty Kelly Jo Brooke Estella
4 Darla Lindsay (CA) Antoinette Estella Meredith
5 Julie Kristi Mary Meredith Brooke


6 Lee-Ann Mary Brooke Lee-Ann
7 Christine Jenn Karin Antoinette




8 Samentha


Karin Misty
9 Brooke Estella
10 Stacey Estella Lee-Ann
11 Kelly Jo Antoinette Jenn



Lindsay (CA)

Lindsay (SC)

12 Shelly Meredith
13 Shea Jenny
14 Lindsay (SC) Lanah
15 Mary Lindsay (SC)
16 Lauren Christine










17 Estella
18 Kristi
19 Lanah
20 Heather
21 Jenny
22 Antoinette
23 Karin
24 Brooke
25 Meredith


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1: Limo Arrivals" September 23, 2003
In the Season 4 premiere, Bob Guiney meets his potential life partners, but must send 10 of the 25 home by night's end.
2 "Week 2" October 1, 2003
The 15 women who made the cut move into Ladies Villa to prep for the first round of group dates with Bob. But one outing will be leaving a lady out in the cold after an in-the-field rose ceremony.
3 "Week 3" October 8, 2003
It's down to 10 ladies going for the Guiney, but Bob has another surprise in store for the rose ceremony.
4 "Week 4" October 15, 2003
Tensions between the 10 remaining residents at Ladies Villa begin to run high as their feelings for Bob---and their fears of being eliminated---become more real.
5 "Week 5" October 22, 2003
Two of Bob's friends - including a fellow exile from “The Bachelorette” - move into Ladies Villa to check out the talent and pick out a few dates for their bud before he hands out more buds.
6 "Week 6" October 29, 2003
Bob visits the four remaining ladies' hometowns and familes before picking which three will make it through the next rose ceremony.
7 "Week 7" November 5, 2003
Bob's remaining three women get overnight dates with their dream man, who must then send one of them home without a rose.
8 "The Women Tell All" November 12, 2003
The ousted women reconvene to dish about Bob, Leeann's Ladies Villa dramatics and the group dates that were not aired. Also: Mr. Guiney stops in to see his many exes.
9 "Finale" November 18, 2003
In the season finale, Bob makes his decision between the last two ladies standing, who both get to pick out their potential engagement rings. But before that, Mr. Guiney and his gals go to see his family.

Where are they now?[]

Bob did not propose to Estella Gardinier but she accepted a promise ring indicating that they would still date. They broke up shortly after the show aired.

Bob Guiney married soap opera star Rebecca Budig in July 2004, but they split after five years of marriage. He married Jessica Canyon on November 11, 2016. On June 6, 2018, they announced that they were expecting their first child, a boy. Their son, Grayson Robert, was born on December 3, 2018.