The 9th season of The Bachelor, also known as The Bachelor: Rome, premiered on October 3, 2006. The show featured 34-year-old, Italian-American cosmetics entrepreneur, Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

He is the first non-North American to be the bachelor. His season had 2 native Italian women, alongside 25 American women, making 27 contestants.

He ultimately chose Jennifer Wilson, but did not propose.


The season began with 27 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Jennifer Wilson 24 Pembroke Pines, Florida Teacher Winner
Sadie Murray 23 Carlsbad, California Publicist Runner-up
Lisa Blank 25 Portland, Oregon Marketing manager Week 6
Agnese Polliza 24 Venice, Italy Student Week 5
Jeanette Pawula 23 Bloomingdale, Illinois Teacher Week 4
Desiree Valentin 22 Salt Lake City, Utah Realtor Week 4
Jami Matzke 27 Galveston, Texas Event planner Week 3
Gina Clark 28 Chicago, Illinois Ultrasound technician Week 3
Erica Rose 23 Houston, Texas Socialite Week 3
Sarah Schnare 30 Nelson, British Columbia Journalist Week 2
Kim Jackson 27 Newport Beach, California Interior designer Week 2
Ellen DeMaio 30 New Haven, Connecticut Realtor Week 2
Tara Durr 24 St. Augustine, Florida Realtor Week 1
Rosella Fratto 27 Chicago, Illinois Make-up artist Week 1
Rita Ghazal 29 Richmond, Virginia Policy advisor Week 1
Renée Snell 30 Baltimore, Maryland Broadcast marketer Week 1
Meri Barr 27 Biloxi, Mississippi Attorney Week 1
Laura Morgan 29 San Diego, California Dolphin trainer Week 1
Jessica Horner 25 Charlotte, North Carolina Assistant buyer Week 1
Heather Sneed 34 Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Registered nurse Week 1
Elyse Hammer 27 New York, New York Physician Week 1
Cosetta Blanca ?? Italy Dancer Week 1
Claudia Gismondi 22 Boca Raton, Florida Restaurateur Week 1
Carissa Ilburg 25 Cattaraugus, New York Attorney Week 1
Brit Keeder 28 Columbus, Ohio Beer chemist Week 1
Andrea Shirley 28 Cincinnati, Ohio Hotel concierge Week 1
April Jacobs 23 Chicago, Illinois Model Week 1

Future appearances

Erica Rose returned to compete in the 2nd season of Bachelor Pad in 2011, finished in 9th/10th place and returned in the 3rd season of Bachelor Pad the following year for a third time, finished in 12th place.

Call-Out Order

Contestants Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Heather Tara
Jami Rosella
Jeanette Rita
Jennifer Renee
Jessica Meri
Kim Laura
Laura Jessica
Lisa Heather
Meri Elyse
Renee Cosetta
Rita Claudia
Rosella Carissa
Sadie Brit
Sarah Andrea
Tara April
The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony.
The contestant won the competition.


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1" October 2, 2006
"The Bachelor: Rome," the ninth season, begins an all new adventure as Prince Lorenzo Borghese meets the 27 women who will compete for his affections.
2 "Week 2" October 9, 2006
Lorenzo takes some of the women to the Mediterranean sea for a beach party, some through the city of Rome to see the sites and one gets the first individual date in Borghese Park. Nine bachelorettes move on to the next round.
3 "Week 3" October 16, 2006
Lorenzo takes one women to a romantic date at the opera, six to a sleep over pool party in a Tuscan castle and two back to his place for an intimate date over pizza. With nine women left, only six will be asked to stay.
4 "Week 4" October 23, 2006
A bachelorette returns to give the remaining women a "truth exercise" deciding the next round of dates. Lorenzo takes one woman to see the sites in a fairy tale carriage ride, one gets a private plane ride with Lorenzo at the helm and the rest of the women race chariots in ancient Rome style. In the end, Lorenzo must send two women home rose-less.
5 "Week 5" October 30, 2006
With a few surprises in store, the four remaining ladies take Lorenzo to their hometowns to meet their families and close friends. Three women continue.
6 "Week 6" November 13, 2006
Lorenzo takes the final three bachelorettes on romantic overnight dates, but then must narrow the field down to two.
7 "The Women Tell All" November 20, 2006
The rejected women of The Bachelor: Rome come together for a reunion special and dish about season highlights.
8 "Finale" November 27, 2006
Lorenzo takes the last two women to meet his family. Lorenzo chooses his final bachelorette.

Where are they now?

Borghese did not propose to Jennifer Wilson. They entered into a relationship, and broke up in January 2007.

Lorenzo Borghese later began dating runner-up Sadie Murray.

Erica Rose welcomed a daughter, Holland Rose Madeleine Gentry, on September 19, 2016, with former fiance Galen Gentry. She is now married to Charles Sanders and goes by the name Erica Rose Sanders. On March 23, 2018, they announced that they are expecting their first child in August 2018. Their daughter, Aspen Rose, was born on August 1, 2018.

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