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The 19th season of The Bachelorette premiered on July 11, 2022. The season features 31-year-old Gabby Windey, an ICU nurse and 26-year-old Rachel Recchia, a flight instructor.

Both women first appeared on the 26th season of The Bachelor, where they were rejected by Clayton Echard.

Filming and development[]

Former Bachelor Jesse Palmer was confirmed as the permanent host for the series, replacing interim hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Filming began on March 26, 2022, in Los Angeles with locations being reported in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands onboard the Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady cruise ship across the English Channel and North Sea. Additionally, filming occurred at The Wildwoods in Wildwood, New Jersey on April 25, 2022, for Tyler Norris' hometown date with Rachel. With the final portion of filming taking place in Mexico and concluded in mid-May.

The season was delayed from its usual May start for the second time in three years to accommodate for ABC's coverage of the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals.

The rose ceremonies are conducted differently than previous seasons. In week 2, the Bachelorettes alternated handing out roses, with each rose coming from both of them. From week 3 onwards, the contestants had to divide into two groups based on which Bachelorette they were pursuing. If a contestant rejected a rose from one of the Bachelorettes, he would return to the line and wait to see if he received a rose from the other Bachelorette. If he did not receive a rose from the second Bachelorette, he was eliminated.

Casting and contestants[]

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia were announced as the next joint bachelorettes at the After The Final Rose special on Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor.

All contestants and crew members were required to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19 and hold a current vaccination passport to participate.

35 potential suitors were revealed on March 23, 2022. The final group was revealed via TikTok on June 7, 2022. Notable contestants include NHRA drag racer Jordan Vandergriff, nephew of retired drag racer Bob Vandergriff Jr; Roby Sobieski, brother of former actress and artist Leelee Sobieski; Zach Shallcross, nephew of actor Patrick Warburton]; and Kirk Bryant, assistant football coach at Texas Tech University.


The season began with 32 contestants, including a set of twins.

Future appearances[]

Jacob Rapini, Johnny DePhillipo, and Logan Palmer returned for season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise.

On the After The Final Rose special Zach Shallcross was announced as the next bachelor for season 27.

Call-out order[]

Order Bachelors Episode / Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Zach Tino Logan Zach Tino Tino Zach Aven
Erich Tino
2 Jason Mario Johnny Erich Jason Nate Tyler Tino Erich
3 Aven Alec
Jordan H.
Jordan V.
Justin B.
Nate Aven Spencer Aven Erich Aven Aven
4 Jordan H. Jason Tino Tyler Johnny Jason Erich
5 Michael Aven Nate Nate Jason Johnny Jason
6 Chris Erich Logan Aven Zach Aven Johnny
7 Mario Zach Johnny Erich Spencer Tino Tyler
8 Ethan Jordan H. Spencer James Tyler Ethan
9 Kirk Quincey Jason Johnny Erich
10 Logan Michael Tyler Zach Ethan Logan
11 Quincey Tino Mario Michael Logan Nate
12 Hayden Jacob Ethan Ethan James
13 Ryan Tyler Kirk Mario
14 Johnny Termayne Jordan H. Logan
15 Alec Hayden Quincey Jordan H.
16 James James Michael
17 Justin B. Kirk Hayden
18 Brandan Spencer Alec
19 Roby Alec
20 John Ethan
21 Tino Mario Jacob
22 Jacob Brandan
Justin B.
23 Tyler
24 Colin
25 Joey
Justin Y.
27 Termayne
28 Spencer Chris
29 Matt Jordan V.
30 Nate Joey
Justin Y.
31 Jordan V.
32 Erich
The contestant received Rachel's first impression rose.
The contestant received Gabby's first impression rose.
The contestant received a rose from Rachel during the date.
The contestant received a rose from Gabby during the date.
The contestant received a rose from Rachel.
The contestant received a rose from Gabby.
The contestant rejected a rose from Rachel.
The contestant moved on to the next week by default
The contestant was eliminated.
The contestant was eliminated during the date.
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony.
The contestant was medically removed from the competition.
The contestant quit the competition.
The contestant received Rachel's final rose.
The contestant received Gabby's final rose.


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1: Limo Arrivals" July 11, 2022
Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia's two-shot at love takes flight! A whopping 32 men arrive to the mansion with the hopes of wooing the ladies with their charm, but they'll soon realize it's going to take more than dashing good looks and a memorable entrance to win the heart of one of these Bachelorettes. Rachel and Gabby have put their breakups in the rearview and are ready to find their person... even if that means breaking all the rules on night one.
2 "Week 2" July 18, 2022
Following last week's shocking canceled rose ceremony, Gabby and Rachel surprise the 29 men left at the mansion by daring them to compete in a swimsuit pageant in order to earn one of six spots at the group date after-party. The next morning, Rachel takes off for her first one-on-one with a once-in-a-lifetime Zero-G Experience, followed by a surprise musical performance by Ashley Cooke and Brett Young. Then, after a helicopter ride above Los Angeles and a steamy hot tub session, Gabby begins to let her walls down during her own one-on-one. Back at the mansion, when bold assumptions are revealed at the cocktail party, Rachel and Gabby continue to prove to the men that they are in control of their own journeys.
3 "Week 3" July 25, 2022
Gabby and Rachel enter a crucial week of getting to know their men, full of exciting guest appearances, the largest group date in Bachelorette history and shocking revelations that may have lasting consequences. First up, Rachel and one lucky guy are treated to a day of Hollywood glitz and glamour by TV host Karamo Brown, featuring a big-screen glimpse into each other's lives set to the music of composer Matt White. Then, Gabby's one-on-one is crashed by her biggest fan - grandpa John - which begs the question, will her date be able to fit in with the family? Later, the remaining 19 men head to a pristine Pasadena palace for the largest group date in Bachelorette history, and legendary photographer Franco Lacosta helps the ladies envision their futures through his lens. Capping off the evening, the group will head to SoFi Stadium for a night of romance that takes an emotional turn when several men reveal shocking news to Gabby. Finally, after a rollercoaster week, the Bachelorettes make a decision at the rose ceremony that will alter the course of their journeys for the rest of the season; but when not all goes as expected, Gabby and Rachel are left to question everything.
4 "Week 4" August 1, 2022
Still reeling from last week’s shocking rose ceremony which split them into two groups, Gabby and Rachel’s men board the Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady, setting sail across Europe on their journey to find love. Starting off in Paris, France, two lucky men join the leading ladies on an unforgettable rainy-day adventure in the city of love where Gabby and her date shop for berets in the district of Montmartre, and Rachel and her guy learn the art of French crêpes near Notre Dame. The next day, Gabby’s group date challenges her men to show their willingness to fight for her love … literally … while Rachel and her group of guys make a surprise visit and cheer them on from the sidelines. Later, Rachel and her suitors head to a majestic castle for a lesson in the art of romance, where one man’s vulnerability earns him a private dinner. At the cocktail party, Meatball reveals some damning information about one of his housemate’s vulgar comments about the Bachelorettes, leading Rachel to take matters into her own hands.
5 "Week 5" August 8, 2022
Gabby, Rachel and their 14 remaining men continue their seaside journey across Europe, docking at a city known for its rich history, romantic flair and delicious chocolate and beer: Bruges! Romance is in the air as connections deepen, but not all is coming up roses when Logan decides to confess feelings that send the ship, and our leading ladies, spinning. After reckoning with the fallout of Logan’s decision, Rachel makes a shocking choice that affects all her remaining men. Meanwhile, Gabby heads to a group date exploring the city, but not all goes to plan when an uninvited guest arrives hoping to stir up feelings. Later, the women will attempt to shake off the surprises of the week with one-on-one dates to remember and a rose ceremony they won’t soon forget.
6 "Week 6" August 15, 2022
Gabby and Rachel’s journeys to find love continue in the charming canals and tulip fields of Amsterdam. With hometowns right around the corner, the Bachelorettes select two lucky guys for their most important one-on-one dates yet. As they figure out which relationships should be taken to the next level, Gabby encourages her men to step out of their comfort zones in the Red Light District, while Rachel challenges her men to demonstrate the strength of their love in a cheesy weightlifting competition. Later, before heading off the ship to meet with families, Gabby and Rachel are tasked with making tough decisions at the rose ceremony with many uncertainties still in the air.
7 "Week 7: Hometowns" August 22, 2022
It’s a whirlwind week as Gabby and Rachel simultaneously visit their beau’s hometowns. Knowing a proposal may be right around the corner, each woman sets off on their cross-country adventure hoping that meeting the men’s families will open the door to finding clarity and possibly even a confession (or two) of love! But family is complicated and with every open door another may close. Will the ladies be received with open arms? Will the pressure prove to be too much? And who will continue on their journey to win the Bachelorettes’ hearts?
8 "The Men Tell All" August 29, 2022
Rachel and Gabby reunite with 14 of the most unforgettable men from this season. But first, Aven’s spooky hometown date in Salem, Massachusetts, will be revealed! Once seated together for the first time since the show premiered, the former suitors kick off the night by addressing the controversies surrounding Hayden and Chris, but will either of them show up to atone for their actions? Later, the women of the hour, Gabby and Rachel, answer burning questions from their former flames and welcome the stars of Universal Pictures’ “Bros,” Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane, to the stage to join in on the action.
9 "Week 8: Fantasy Suites, Part 1" September 5, 2022
The heat is on as the Bachelorettes arrive in gorgeous Mexico! Ready to see their final three men for the first time since hometowns, the ladies toast to love and set off to begin a week of boats, beaches and next-level romance. In part one of overnight dates week, Gabby takes a leap of faith with Erich and sets sail with Johnny while Rachel hits the deck with Aven and takes the reins with Tino, but will their dates deepen their relationships, or will the heat of the beach be enough to break them apart?
10 "Week 8: Fantasy Suites, Part 2" September 6, 2022
In part two of overnight dates week, the romance and the drama continue to sizzle in the sun. Picking up where they left off, Erich and Gabby find themselves at a crossroads - will their relationship make it through the night? Later, it seems as if the tropical tides may have turned against our Bachelorettes when their two remaining dates, Jason and Zach, each confess to a shocking truth about their feelings. Will the pressure prove to be too much for one, or both, of the women or will love persevere?
11 "Week 9: Season Finale" September 13, 2022
Following the abrupt halt of last week’s rose ceremony, Bachelorettes Rachel and Gabby join Jesse Palmer live onstage to watch as the drama of overnight dates and meeting their families unfolds. Then, they’ll come face-to-face with some of their former flames for the first time since Mexico on part one of the live season finale.
12 "After the Final Rose" September 20, 2022
Gabby and Rachel are each down to one man looking for lifelong love, but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing to an engagement for these Bachelorettes. Both women will join Jesse Palmer as they watch the shocking conclusions to their journeys play out live in-studio and for all of America to see. Plus, the new Bachelor makes his debut and a never-before-seen interactive viewing experience rounds out this epic three-hour event on part two of the live season finale.

Where are they now?[]

Gabby and Erich announced their breakup on November 4, 2022.

Rachel and Tino broke off their engagement while the show was still airing because Rachel found out that he was cheating on her.

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