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The 2nd season of The Bachelorette premiered on January 14, 2004. The season featured 30-year-old Meredith Phillips, a make-up artist.

She was previously rejected by Bob Guiney on the 4th season of The Bachelor.

She ultimately chose Ian McKee and accepted his proposal.


The season began with 25 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Ian McKee 29 New York, New York Equity Research Salesman Winner
Matthew Hickl 28 Friendswood, Texas Pharmaceutical sales representative Runner-up
Chad 31 Buffalo, New York Pharmaceutical sales representative Eliminated in Week 6
Lanny Lawrence 26 Aubrey, Texas Stallion and breeding manager Eliminated in Week 5
Brad 29 Grand Rapids, Michigan Pharmaceutical sales representative Eliminated in Week 4
Ryan M. 30 Santa Barbara, California Financial advisor Eliminated in Week 4
Sean 31 Wall, New Jersey Accountant Eliminated in Week 4
Rick 29 San Diego, California Business manager Eliminated in Week 3
Ryan Reeve 29 San Diego, California Sales/marketing Eliminated in Week 3
Todd 36 San Francisco, California Options trader Eliminated in Week 3
Damon Bowers 28 Cardiff, California Arena football player Eliminated in Week 2
Eliot 25 Mountain View, California Options trader Eliminated in Week 2
Harold Hersh 29 Rock Island, Illinois Professional hockey player Eliminated in Week 2
Marcus Pierce 26 Los Angeles, California Personal trainer Eliminated in Week 2
Robert 32 El Segundo, California Alliance development Eliminated in Week 2
Aaron 32 Sacramento, California Title and escrow sales Eliminated in Week 1
Andy Chang 33 Dallas, Texas Dentist Eliminated in Week 1
Anselm Clinard 32 Venice, California Art designer Eliminated in Week 1
Brian 31 Quincy, Massachusetts Attorney Eliminated in Week 1
Chris 31 Boston, Massachusetts Accountant Eliminated in Week 1
Cory Higgins 24 Long Beach Island, New Jersey Small business owner Eliminated in Week 1
Jeff O'Quinn 30 Macon, Georgia Pharmaceutical sales representative Eliminated in Week 1
Justin Sherrod 25 Orlando, Florida Professional baseball player Eliminated in Week 1
Keith Kormanik 31 Baltimore, Maryland Financial analyst Eliminated in Week 1
Trever Kalan 35 North Wales, Pennsylvania Restaurateur Eliminated in Week 1

Call-Out Order[]

Meredith's Call-Out Order
# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 8
1 Aaron Harold Rick Ian Chad Ian Matthew Ian
2 Andy Todd Todd Sean Ian Matthew Ian Matthew
3 Anselm Brad Chad Chad Lanny Chad Chad
4 Brad Ryan M. Brad Ryan M. Matthew Lanny
5 Brian Ian Sean Brad Brad
6 Chad Chad Lanny Matthew Ryan M.
7 Chris Lanny Ryan R. Lanny Sean
8 Cory Robert Matthew Rick
9 Damon Sean Ian Ryan R.
10 Eliot Ryan R. Ryan M. Todd
11 Harold Damon Damon





12 Ian Eliot
13 Jeff Matthew
14 Justin Marcus
15 Keith Rick
16 Lanny Aaron










17 Marcus
18 Matthew
19 Rick
20 Robert
21 Ryan M.
22 Ryan R.
23 Sean
24 Todd
25 Trever
The contestant was eliminated.
The contestant won the competition.


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1" January 14, 2004
Meredith meets the men vying for her heart for the first time, but must send ten home immediately after the first cocktail party.
2 "2" January 21, 2004
One bachelor gets the coveted first individual date while the rest must go on group dates. Five men are asked to leave.
3 "Week 3" January 28, 2004
The men take compatibility tests to determine the next round of dates. Seven bachelors continue in the pursuit of Meredith's affections.
4 "Week 4" February 4, 2004
Meredith's friends meet the men and ask them to write love letters that explain why they are the right man for Meredith which will decide the week's dates. Three men leave the house.
5 "Week 5: Hometowns" February 11, 2004
Meredith travels to the bachelor's hometowns but must ask one man to leave.
6 "Week 6" February 18, 2004
Meredith must narrow the field to two men after exotic overnight dates.
7 "The Men Tell All" February 19, 2004
Meredith faces the 23 rejected men for the first time since they left the show, as the men who did not receive roses from Meredith reunite to dish and give their predictions on which of the two remaining men she's likely to choose.
8 "Finale" February 25, 2004
Meredith takes the men home to meet her parents and must decide which man has stolen her heart.
9 "After the Final Rose" February 26, 2004
This one-hour special features the first public appearance by the happy couple, and includes an appearance by the man who was not chosen.

Where are they now?[]

Meredith and Ian were engaged at the end of the show, but ended their relationship in February 2005.

The Ring[]