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The 3rd season of The Bachelorette premiered on January 10, 2005. The season featured 30-year-old Jennifer Schefft, a publicist.

She was previously chosen by Andrew Firestone on the 3rd season of The Bachelor, but they later broke up.

On February 28, 2005, during the final rose ceremony, Jennifer Schefft became the first and only bachelorette in the history of the show to reject all of the bachelors.

At the After the Final Rose, she chose Jerry Ferris.


The season began with 25 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Jerry Ferris 29 Los Angeles, California Art Gallery Director Winner
John Merritt 25 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Entrepreneur Eliminated in
episode 8
Ryan Sh. 28 Manhattan Beach, California Teacher Eliminated in
episode 6
Wendell 32 Chicago, Illinois Entrepreneur Eliminated in
episode 5
Fabrice Le Parc 28 New York, New York Investor Eliminated in
episode 4
Ben Sands 26 Aspen, Colorado Ski Instructor Eliminated in
episode 4
Josh Cox 28 Murrieta, California Professional Marathoner Eliminated in
episode 3
Keith 28 Encinitas, California Welder Eliminated in
episode 3
A.W. 27 Newport Beach, California Mortgage Consultant Eliminated in
episode 2
Jason 29 Fort Worth, Texas Motivational Speaker Eliminated in
episode 2
Mark 30 Carlsbad, California Commercial Finance Eliminated in
episode 2
Matt M. 32 Staten Island, New York Fire Fighter Eliminated in
episode 2
Michael Foster 31 Monroe, Michigan Teacher Eliminated in
episode 2
Ryan Sm. 34 New York, New York Lawyer Eliminated in
episode 2
Stuart "Stu" Lopoten 27 New York, New York Lawyer Eliminated in
episode 2
Andrew 37 New York, New York Bartender Eliminated in
episode 1
Andy LeRoy 29 Steamboat Springs, Colorado Ski Coach Eliminated in
episode 1
Chris C. 27 Campton, Kentucky Hairdresser Eliminated in
episode 1
Chris M. 33 Cleveland, Ohio Sports Agent Eliminated in
episode 1
Collin 27 Austin, Texas Sports Agent Eliminated in
episode 1
David Vargas 30 Chicago, Illinois Marketing Consultant Eliminated in
episode 1
Eric H. 35 New York, New York Magazine Editor Eliminated in
episode 1
Eric T. 37 San Diego, California Fire Fighter Eliminated in
episode 1
Kevin 26 New York, New York Consultant Eliminated in
episode 1
Matt L. 33 Manhattan Beach, California Lawyer Eliminated in
episode 1

Call-out order[]

Order Bachelors Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 8
1 Ryan Sh. Keith Wendell John Paul Ryan Sh. John Paul John Paul Jerry
2 Eric T. Ryan Sh. Fabrice Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry John Paul
3 Chris C. A.W. Ben Ryan Sh. Wendell Ryan Sh. Ryan Sh.
4 Jason Matt M. Keith Ben John Paul Wendell
5 Ryan Sm. Wendell Ryan Sh. Wendell Ben
6 John Paul Ryan Sm. Jerry Fabrice Fabrice
7 Stu Mark John Paul Josh
8 Matt M. Ben Josh
9 Keith John Paul A.W.
Matt M.
Ryan Sm.
10 Andy Jerry
11 Michael Jason
12 Kevin Josh
13 David Fabrice
14 Chris M. Michael
15 Fabrice Stu
16 Mark Andrew
Chris C.
Chris M.
Eric H.
Eric T.
Matt L.
17 Josh
18 Eric H.
19 Wendell
20 Andrew
21 Ben
22 Collin
23 A.W.
24 Matt L.
25 Jerry
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony
The contestant quit the competition
The contestant won the competition


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1" January 10, 2005
Having dated “Bachelor” Andrew Firestone and “Apprentice” Bill Rancic, the now-single Jen Schefft is courted by 25 men she had a hand in selecting during a national casting call. Set in New York City.
2 "Week 2" January 17, 2005
Jen hits the town for two group dates, including a bus tour of New York City and a Knicks game, before sending seven of the guys home. Of course, the choice may be a little easier after things get a little out of hand at the bachelor pad.
3 "Week 3" January 24, 2005
The remaining eight compete in street basketball for a one-on-one date that includes a Vanessa Williams performance at Harlem's Cotton Club. Also: a double date with Jen at a resort casino.
4 "Week 4" January 31, 2005
With six suitors left, Jen must choose two of them for one-on-one dates based on the anonymous love letters they've each penned for her. Afterward, there's an amazing race for one last tryst atop the Empire State Building before two of the guys get the boot.
5 "Week 5: Hometowns" February 7, 2005
Jen heads off for home-town dates with the four guys still standing, one of whom is sent packing after the penultimate rose ceremony.
6 "Week 6: Bermuda" February 14, 2005
It's off to Bermuda, Cape Cod and an island in the Carolinas as Jen takes her three remaining suitors on exotic overnight trips. After that, one more guy goes home, as host Chris Harrison would say, “brokenhearted.”
7 "The Men Tell All" February 21, 2005
With one week before Jen hands out her final rose, her ousted suitors gather to dish the dirt with Chris Harrison about group dates, rivalries and who they think she should pick.
8 "Finale" February 28, 2005
In the third-season finale, Jen takes her final two suitors home to meet the folks before returning to New York for one last rose ceremony. But how will she handle it when both fellows ask for her hand in marriage?
9 "After the Final Rose" February 28, 2005
Jen and her man make their first post-show appearance to discuss her decisions, their dates and what it was like hiding their romance.

Where are they now?[]

Jennifer rejected both of the remaining contestants, Jerry Ferris and John Paul Merritt. During the first live Final Rose ceremony, she chose Ferris, an art gallery director, over Meritt. Ferris proposed to Schefft but she rejected his proposal, stating that the chemistry was not there.

Schefft ultimately married Chicago public relations executive Joe Waterman in May 2009; they have two children, daughters Mae Elizabeth and Charlotte Grace.