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The 5th season of The Bachelorette premiered on May 18, 2009. The season featured 29-year-old Jillian Harris, an interior designer.

She was previously rejected by Jason Mesnick in the 13th season of The Bachelor; she was the second runner-up.

She ultimately chose Ed Swiderski and accepted his proposal.

Filming and development[]

Cast and contestants[]

This was the first time in the franchise that 30 suitors appeared.

Harris is the first non-American woman selected ever as the bachelorette as she is from Canada.


The season began with 30 contestants.

Julien committed suicide in 2010, after battling depression.

Future appearances[]

Jake Pavelka was chosen as the bachelor on the 14th season of The Bachelor.

Runner-up Kiptyn Locke, along with finalists Juan Barbieri, Wes Hayden, Jesse Kovacs and David Good, became contestants on the 1st season of Bachelor Pad.

Michael Stagliano became a contestant on the 2nd season of Bachelor Pad along with Jake Pavelka. Stagliano would later return for the 3rd season of Bachelor Pad along with winner Ed Swiderski and Reid Rosenthal.

Jesse Kovacs would later return to the 1st season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Call-Out Order[]

# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Kiptyn David Wes Ed Kiptyn Michael Kiptyn Reid Ed Kiptyn Ed
2 Bryan Jake Jake Robby Jesse Jesse Reid Kiptyn Reid Ed Kiptyn
3 John P. Jesse Mike Jake Mark Reid Jesse Ed Kiptyn Reid
4 Brian Wes Juan Reid Reid Kiptyn Wes Wes Wes
5 Jake Mathue Jesse Mark Robby Robby Michael Jesse
6 David Michael David Jesse Ed Jake Jake
Tanner P.
7 Tanner F. Robby Ed Tanner P. Michael Tanner P. Tanner P.
8 Michael Ed Sasha Wes Wes Wes Robby
9 Robby Reid Mark Juan Jake Mark
10 John H. Simon Michael Michael Tanner P. Ed
11 Sasha Kiptyn Tanner P. Kiptyn David
12 Brad Mike Kiptyn Mike
13 Mathue Brian Reid David Mike
14 Simon Sasha Robby Brad
Tanner F.
15 Jesse Julien Tanner F.
16 Julien Tanner P. Brad Sasha
17 Wes Mark Brian
18 Kyle Brad
19 Adam Tanner F.
20 Stephen Juan
21 Juan Adam
John H.
John P.
22 Caleb
23 Josh
24 Greg
25 Mark
26 Ed
27 Bryce
28 Reid
29 Mike
30 Tanner P.

The contestant was received a first impression rose
The contestant was voted off by the other contestants but got a rose instead
The contestant was received a rose during the date
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
The contestant originally received a rose during the date, but left by choice
The contestant returned to the competition
The contestant won the competition


No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Week 1: Limo Arrivals" May 18, 2009
Jillian Harris, the 29-year-old Canadian who was a runner-up for the heart of 2009 bachelor Jason Mesnick, gets a new perspective on the rose ceremony. But first, Jillian meets the 25 guys who arrive by limousine at the show's L.A. mansion. Then, at the introductory cocktail party, she meets five "crashers" as well. The other 25 don't like the intrusion, but all 30 are in the mix for the evening's first-impression rose. At the rose ceremony, Jillian pares the field to 20.
2 "Week 2" May 25, 2009
After the 20 cocktail-party survivors settle into their "animal house," one accompanies Jillian to Hollywood's House of Blues, where they're serenaded by Martina McBride. Another dines with Jillian in a bank vault. Group dates include a trip to Venice Beach, where guys play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters; and a pool party, followed by a race across L.A. Come elimination time there's a new wrinkle: The men vote on whom they'd like to see go, and after Jillian weighs in 16 are left.
3 "Week 3" June 1, 2009
Jillian rappels down the exterior of L.A.'s Bonaventure Hotel with one bachelor, gives another a ride in a Ferrari and escorts 11 others to a movie set, where they attend a wrap party for a Western (and one guy lassos himself a date rose). There's also some late-night canoodling at the mansion and a confrontation between two guys just before the rose ceremony. In the end, 13 men remain standing.
4 "Week 4: Vancouver" June 8, 2009
Jillian and the remaining 13 contestants travel to Vancouver, her hometown, where she takes 10 of them curling and five on a sunset boat ride. She also takes two on a "one-stays-one-goes" date that culminates atop a snow-covered mountain. In addition, Jillian and one guy heat up her kitchen, but another gets too steamy for her taste. And when she hears that three men might have girlfriends back home, she cancels the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. At the ceremony, she pares the field to 10.
5 "Week 5: British Columbia" June 15, 2009
Jillian and her 10 remaining suitors head for the British Columbia resort town of Whistler under a cloud - some of the bachelors might have girlfriends. But the dating goes on: snowmobiling for eight guys, and one-on-one zip-trekking and ski-plane adventures capped by romantic dinners (and, in one case, a soak in a hot tub). At the rose ceremony, Jillian reduces the field to eight.
6 "Week 6: Canada" June 22, 2009
Jillian and the eight remaining bachelors take a train trip across western Canada, stopping at Emerald Lake, Lake Louise and Banff. Six of the guys also hop into a hot tub with her, while two others go on make-or-break solo dates. Back aboard the train, one guy sneaks into Jillian's private car, then three are sent packing at the rose ceremony. The other five will get to entertain Jillian on their home turfs.
7 "Week 7: Hometowns" June 29, 2009
Jillian visits the hometowns of the five remaining bachelors. She fears that one guy's family might disapprove of her, questions if another bachelor is ready for marriage and wonders if she can meet another's family expectations. And one might be getting cold feet. Then there's the still-unresolved someone-has-a-girlfriend question. Before she eliminates a bachelor at the rose ceremony, two guys have an intense confrontation in her presence.
8 "Week 8: Spain" July 6, 2009
Jillian and her final four head to Spain for flamenco in Madrid, a picnic in Seville and a Barcelona bike ride (plus overnight dates in fantasy suites, at her discretion). At the rose ceremony, one guy is sent home. For the other three, Hawaii is next.
9 "Week 9: Maui" July 13, 2009
Jillian arrives on Maui with the three remaining bachelors, all of whom she says she loves. She trusts her safety on a rope course to one, soars over the island in a helicopter with another and cruises to a secluded cove with the third, who shows just how serious he is. At the rose ceremony, Jillian discusses with one man their night together in the fantasy suite before telling all three which one she loves the least.
10 "The Men Tell All" July 20, 2009
Eliminated bachelors dish about Jillian and each other, and Jillian dishes about them as she looks back over the competition. Also: Q&A sessions for Jillian and several of the bachelors, profiles of the two finalists and a preview of the season finale.
11 "Finale" July 27, 2009
Jillian's choice is down to Ed or Kiptyn in the Season 5 finale, taped on Hawaii's Big Island, where she has outdoor dates with the two, who are also grilled by her family. Then, following a last-minute confession, it's time for her to reveal her choice.
12 "After the Final Rose" July 28, 2009
In a Season 5 review, two spurned bachelors confront Jillian. Also: an update on Melissa Rycroft from Season 13 of The Bachelor.

Where are they now?[]

Jillian ultimately chose Ed Swiderski and accepted his proposal. In July 2010, it was announced that Harris and Swiderski had broken up.

Jillian announced that she was expecting her first child with long-term boyfriend Justin Pasutto on May 4, 2016. They welcomed a son, Leo, on August 5, 2016. She announced their engagement on December 25, 2016. On April 18, 2018, they announced they were expecting her second child. They daughter, Annie, was born on September 28, 2018.

During the 1st season of Bachelor Pad, Kiptyn Locke fell in love with Tenley Molzahn from the 14th season of The Bachelor, but they broke up in March 2013.

Finalist John Presser is now married to Tara Durr, who was a contestant on the 9th season of The Bachelor. Their son, Warner Griffin, was born on June 29, 2012.

Julien Hug committed suicide in 2010, after battling depression.

The Ring[]