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Theresa Ann Nist was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor, where she got engaged to Gerry Turner.

Personal life[]

She and Gerry got engaged in August 2023. They married on January 4, 2024, in a live ABC special. They announced their divorce on April 12, 2024.


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Theresa is a gorgeous catch with a huge heart. She is very close with her children and grandchildren and loves nothing more than seeing them all thrive. Theresa describes herself as optimistic, encouraging, and ready to love again after loss. She hopes to meet a partner who will be her best friend in this next chapter of life and will appreciate all the little moments with her. When she’s not spending time with her family, Theresa enjoys playing board games, gardening, reading romance novels, and doing the hula hoop. Theresa is here for the real deal and fingers crossed it’s all fireworks when she meets the Golden Bachelor!

  • Theresa loves to sing… alone in her car.
  • Theresa taught herself all about the stock market
  • Theresa loves 70’s rock, both soft and hard.