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Tyler Joseph Cameron was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelorette.

He was the runner up.

Personal life[]

He was very close with his mother, Andrea. She passed away on February 29, 2020, from a brain aneurysm.


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Don't let Tyler's good looks fool you. This stud has his MBA from Florida Atlantic University and kills it as a general contractor in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. When he's not working, he's spending time with his family, scuba diving and hanging out with his rescue dog, Harley. Tyler's only been in one serious relationship but says he will know when he meets the right one because that love will "smack him right in the face."

  • Tyler LOVES to dance. He says his friends get embarrassed by how intense he gets on the dance floor, but he doesn't care.
  • Tyler was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens but had to leave football because of a bad shoulder injury.
  • Skydiving is at the top of Tyler's bucket list.