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Yosef Aborady was a contestant on the 16th season of The Bachelorette.

He was eliminated in week 2.

Personal life[]

He is in a relationship with Katie Rogers.


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Yosef was married at 24 and had his daughter, Zara, soon after. Although it didn’t work out with Zara’s mom, they’re on good terms co-parenting Zara together. Yosef’s ex-wife remarried in February, and while he is happy for her, he says now it’s his turn to find love. When Yosef isn’t spending time with the 4-year-old light of his life, he is cooking, hanging with his friends and frequenting the local dance clubs. Yosef has been told he talks to too much (more than once), but he hopes to find someone that loves his enthusiasm and zest for life. Above all, he wants to find someone who will be an amazing stepmother to Zara. He says, “I am successful, intelligent, have my life together and I am extremely hard working.” He’s looking for someone to love and cherish his child and him equally… and according to Yosef, you would not believe how hard that is to find. Will this be the end of Yosef’s search? Fingers crossed!